Is John Hudak Too Hard on His Speakers?

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Recall Hudak Too? Yes, the recall election was once again in doubt this past weekend as the voters head to the polls. Even with the recent controversy involving incumbent Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper and his wife Melinda, who is a former aide to former governor Bill Ritterman, the race is neck. The candidates are neck in the early going, but one thing is for certain, the race is not likely to break either one of them away from their opponents.

What does this mean for the race in 6th CD of Colorado House of Representatives? For the statewide races there’s still a slight possibility for the democrats to gain control over the state house by winning the popular vote. However, the Recall Hudak Too question should be addressed whether or not the Recall election truly makes sense. If it doesn’t, what does the whole process do anyway? Will it really help the democrats retain control of the legislature, or perhaps allow an already unpopular governorship to fall?

If the Recall Hudak Too petition is indeed successful, it will be quite disappointing for the residents of Colorado House of Representatives. If the Recall Campaign circulates only a small amount of valid signatures, the legislature can do a quick recount. It’s possible that all the needed signatures could be collected on just one day of the new term beginning. If that occurs, the legislature will have to schedule another special session, which means another special session before the next general election. This means an increased expense for voters, and will undoubtedly drive up the cost of any upcoming elections.

At the center of this Recall Hudak Too matter is Democratic State Senator Karyn Politi of Denver. Her name appears on the “Signatures Sheet” which must be submitted to the Secretary of State after the election. Her name has been included on the list of valid signatures submitted by the Recall Campaign. So if the democrats decide to hold a primary election in the fall, she’ll be the Democratic candidate to win the race for the vacant congressional seat.

The question now becomes, who will run against her in the primary election? The current Democratic nominee is Congressman Joe Moreno, but how popular is he? His support within the party and his ties to the President has given him a leg up on the other contestants. He’s also garnered some help from the recall campaign, which is bankrolling the effort. The question now becomes will the efforts of the recall effort succeed?

It’s hard to say. What’s clear is that the recall efforts are hurting the reputation of the Colorado Democratic Party. The recall election is costing the party money, and it’s difficult to see a bright light at the end of that tunnel. The best chance for the proponents of a second John Hudak to win is if the challenger fails to garner enough votes to win. Even if it looks like the committee will fail to turn things around for the congressman, there is always another time to try.


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